1. What’s wrong with cumming fast? Was with a chick one time that made me cum 3 times within 30 minutes. Never had a woman do that before or after her. She just knew how to work a cock and talk dirty to me

  2. Mark, was she one of the best blow jobs you even had?? Or at least in the top 10. Damn you had your cock all the way down her throat!!!

  3. ** Y***s ago i used to be happy having the perfect girl. but i messed up guys, i was too immature at that time. now i’ve never feel the same again and only wished i could go back. i miss her. i miss being happy. i can’t do nothing anymore that satisfy my own needs for love and happiness.

  4. You guys are awesome me and my gf tried some of this stuff and it drives her mad you guys are awesome love you both

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